Sunday, June 26, 2016

This British lady's voice is for sale


When I make a video to promote my blog I’m going to hire the British actress Helen Mirren to record a narration.

Okay, I probably can’t afford Dame Helen, so I’m more likely to hire Joy Gerken. She’s a retired nurse in the UK whose voice has the same mixture of authority, warmth, and intelligence.

Joy uses the handle Lilleypond3 to market her services at Fiverr, the global marketplace where you can hire a wide range of talented people to provide digital services at very affordable rates. For example, Joy will record a script of up to 150 words for just $5..

She applies her elocution training to record commercials and book narrations. She’s a middle-age lady, so that’s her natural voice, but she can also deliver various accents, such as an Aussie lady, and the voice of an older woman.

To hear a sample of her voice, click the image below to play the video that appears on her Fiverr profile page. You can also follow her @joygerken on Twitter.


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