Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Slack gets a customer service app from Slaask


Slaask for Slack
Slack is one of those business productivity tools that make you wonder how you got anything done before it arrived.

It organizes group conversations into channels for projects, topics, teams or whatever. Someone called Slack “an instant messaging and collaboration system on steroids.”

Now Slack users can add a customer service component to the platform. Slaask is an app designed to let Slack users chat with visitors and clients in real time directly from within Slack.

Slaask says the app will store customer information and keep a history of interactions so users don’t have to comb through emails or find and open support tickets when they connect with a visitor.

Other Slaask features include multiple widgets, surveys, canned responses, triggers, schedules and image or video sharing.

Here's another nifty Slaask feature: it's free. Slack users can sign up at the Slaask website using their Slack team domain. Slaask says pricing for the software will be announced later but there will always be a free version.


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  1. Finally. As a slack member, I'm glad to hear that, because in a case of users request responding I'm a follower of live supports system, like some sorts of live helpdesks such as It is way important that you may think to get online help exactly in time you need it. Comparing to ticket-requests system this way of responding has numerous benefits. Definitely, this app will find many fans.



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