Saturday, June 25, 2016

Grendz follows green tech ideas


Green tech at Grendz
With so much happening so quickly in the area of green technology it’s hard to keep up. Have you heard about the Japanese startup that can manufacture blood or  the plastic-free wrap that keeps food fresh without refrigeration?

Scientists and entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas and products every day. That’s why a company in Tokyo created Grendz, a website and news service that collects and reports on green breakthroughs around the world with a special emphasis on Asia.

On the Grendz website, articles are displayed in a Pinterest-like grid with an image and a short summary. Clicking takes a visitor to the full text and additional images. The articles are sorted into categories such as Renewable Energy, Recycling and Green Buildings and members are encouraged to pin their own green projects.

In addition to the website, Grendz also offers a weekly email newsletter that collects delivers the selection of the top-treeing articles. Access to the Grendz website is free while the newsletter costs $5 per month.

For details on the service, visit the Grendz website and check out the About Us page.


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