Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Epee Defender is a friend on a dark street


Late one night several years ago I got a call from a distraught daughter who had walked away from a nightclub in a sketchy neighborhood and needed a ride home.

Of course I was off in a flash and she was soon home safely but I remember wishing then that she had some sort of protection in addition to her cell phone. Something like the the Epee Defender.

The Epee Defender is a personal safety device that has multiple functions. When activated by pulling a connecting pin, it emits a harsh 120DB siren that wails for one minute. That should be sufficient to scare off an attacker and draw the attention of people nearby.

The device device also uses a text messaging network to send an SOS to a phone number that had been previously entered by the user. And after the siren subsides, it will place an automatic call to another preselected number.

The Epee Defender also works with a mapping network to determine the location of a user sending a distress signal and passing along the location to the user’s friends or family members.

The device is currently the focus of a funding campaign on Indiegogo where the developer, Muskogee Tech, hopes to raise $55,000 to put the Epee Defender into production. Backers will get a discount off the $99 retail price when the device his launched late this year.

For more details, check out the video below, the Epee Defender website and the description on the Indiegogo campaign page.


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