Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crowdstream has live chat for anyone


I’ve been a reluctant convert to website chat services. When I had a problem, I wanted to talk to a live human being. But they were too usually busy helping other customers, so I tried the chat option and often got my problem solved faster that I would have with a conversation.

Now, I wish more websites would look into offering a live chat option. When they do, Crowdstream says it’s ready to help.

Crowdstream offers a chat widget that can easily be integrated into almost any website. It stays online to capture comments and user information, even when employees have gone home for the night. It can sort customers into groups, send follow-up emails and notify customers when it’s time to refill a product.

Crowdstream’s prices are also more affordable than many of its competitors. A standard version for small operations cost $16 a month. The Business package comes with unlimited chats, agents and projects, a customer database and data analysis for $36 a month.

To test the service, visit the Crowdstream website and look for the popup box in the lower right corner of the page. Someone will be ready to chat with you. You can also follow the company @crowdstreamhq on Twitter.


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