Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Buno app makes note taking a breeze


If you’re like me, you do you’re constantly switching from one portable device to another. Sometimes it’s my phone, other times it’s one of my two tablets.

All that jumping around makes note-taking a bit of a challenge. Did I leave the grocery shopping list on my phone or somewhere else.

A new app called Buno (short for Bucket Notes) is designed to bring some order to that situation. The app syncs seamlessly with Android devices, with the Web and soon with iOS devices.  In addition to text, Buno also helps users clip and store images, placing them in a pleasant-looking layout.

The app also supports several advanced features such as a real-time word, character and paragraph counter, which nudges Buno closer to a full text editor. It also has a bucket system (folders, if you prefer) for organizing notes and it uses easy finger swipes to take notes and to save them.
Buno is available now for Android devices in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.


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