Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What drone pilots need to know before takeoff


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Thinking about buying a drone? Before you hand over your credit card, first check out The Complete Guide to Drones, a new book by drone expert Adam Juniper.

Far from a dry textbook on quadcopter aerodynamics, Juniper’s guide is an easily accessible introduction to everything a drone pilot needs to know before their first flight or if they want to expand their knowledge.

The opening chapter covers drone basics, from their history to the current range of models for hobbyists and anyone who thinks a drone might be useful in their business.

Do you understand pitch, roll and yaw? Juniper explains the technical functions and concepts with bite-sized descriptions and large color photos and illustrations. I particularly like the sections that explain autopilot and GPS systems work together on more advanced drones and how to choose and use the best camera for your purposes.

One section of the book that could have been larger is the one that drones and the law. Juniper says drone pilots “must not fly commercially,” but the rules in the US are changing rapidly and entrepreneurs are beginning to get permits for business applications.

And that’s just one more indication of how fast the world of personal unmanned aircraft is expanding - and one more reason why anyone who thinking about acquiring and launching one should read this book.

The Complete Guide to Drones is published Wellfleet Press. It seems for   about $14 on Amazon.


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