Saturday, May 28, 2016

This flash drive has USB and Lightning plugs


My iMac contains more than 100 home videos and movies along with thousands of songs and photos. That’s far too much material to store on my iPhone or iPad, but it’s the perfect situation for the i-Memory Flash Drive made by ADATA.

The UE710 drive pairs flash memory with both a USB plug and an Apple-certified Lightning plug. I can copy items from my desktop or portable Mac using the USB drive, then use the Lightning plug to display or play back the content on a phone or tablet.

The connector plugs are accessible by moving a slider switch on the side of the flash drive. Slide up to get the Lightning plug, slide down to reveal the USB plug.

The drive supports USB 3.0 for fast transfers and it will play back high-density files such as 4K video or RAW image files. It also comes with a free iOS app to manage files and it works with Windows PCs as well as Macs.

That versatility makes it a handy device for travel, for doing business work on an iPad or for any situation where you need to access files from a variety of devices.

The 64GB version of the i-Memory Flash Drive that I tested sells for about $90 on Amazon. The drive is also available in 32GB and 128GB versions.


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