Sunday, May 1, 2016

New service lets users build streaming channels


I can call up YouTube videos from any number of devices, including my TV, DVD player and multiple computers and streaming devices, including Roku and Apple TV. But what those devices don’t offer is an easy way to find, collect and schedule the videos that I am especially interested in watching.

That’s where WhatsNext TV comes in. It’s a new startup service that gives users the tools and technology to essentially build their own channels out of the millions of videos now stored by YouTube and other streaming services.

And a surprising amount of that video is pretty good. I’ve found feature-length movies that are now in the public domain. Talented musicians, actors and comedians are using free streaming platforms to distribute their work. And my Facebook friends often share links to video content that has impressed them.

WhatsNext TV helps users collect and keep track of content they like and share it with their friends and followers if they choose. It also lets users indulge in that great American pastime: channel surfing.

To start your own collection, visit the WhatsNext TV website and sign in with your Facebook account.


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