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How to make a simple customer satisfaction survey


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When I buy something online or interact with a customer service center, I often get a follow-up email asking me to take a brief customer satisfaction survey. But their idea of “brief” can turn out to be ten minutes or more, minutes that I would rather devote to something else. So I do.

In contrast, a survey I got from someone who used a service called Customer Thermometer was so quick and easy, I wouldn’t mind if they sent me another.

This survey gauged my experience with a rental home in Florida. It arrived embedded in an email and it gave me four options to click that ranged from Disappointed to Fabulous. With just one click, I registered my opinion and was off to do something else. There was no website to call up, no login process and no demographic questions to answer.

I got a closer look at Customer Thermometer and its customer satisfaction surveys at the company’s website where I found that the one-click idea is their guiding philosophy. “Most customers are very happy to provide feedback. How you ask for that feedback determines how much you’ll get,” Customer Thermometer says on its website. The key to getting a good response rate is to ask the question that really matters, like “How did we do for you?” or “How are you feeling about working here?”

Customer Thermometer offers three different ways to poll customers:
  • Send a single question by email to a contact list.
  • Embed the question into a custom landing page or on a CRM or Helpdesk page.
  • Put the question into the standard footwear used by your email program.
Customer Thermometer offers a free test drive, so I created my own survey to send to a group of family members. I have created online surveys using several different tools and this was by far the fastest and easiest experience.

There are essentially just four screens to get an email blast out the door. On the first screen, you enter the primary information including the name of the survey, the question you want to ask, the four possible answers and who will get the responses. Additional options let you select a color, upload a logo and decide if you want to get an alert if someone says your service stinks.

From there, I set up a simple thank you page, created a mailing list, which you can do by entering an email address with first name and last name separated by commas, or upload a CSV file. My blast went out at 11:22 a.m. and my email arrived one minute later.

Customer Thermometer users also get an extensive reporting dashboard that lets them view their data by date, by response and other metrics. It also generates a variety of custom reports illustrated with graphs and pie charts.

Pricing at Customer Thermometer is based primarily on credits, which relate to the number of surveys you send. Monthly fees start at $29 for 50 credits and unused credits roll over to the next month.

For a closer look at Customer Thermometer, check out the video below and visit the Customer Thermometer website for the free trial. The company also posts news and updates @custthermometer on Twitter.



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