Saturday, March 5, 2016

Netbell brings IoT to school and factory bells


When I first started using smartphones and tablets, I was impressed by what they could do but I never guess that I would one day use them to unlock my front door, turn off my kitchen lights and reset my thermostat.

But those functions and more have come with the astonishing growth of the Internet of Things, the technology that lets digital devices manage and control appliances and other physical objects.

Another new arrival in the world of IoT is the Netbell, a web-based bell control system from Linortek that lets users manage and schedule automated bell systems that are common in schools, factories and other workplaces.

Netbell software includes a built-in remote function that can deliver a signal from a main location bell system to trigger remote bells in different locations. The feature is useful for schools or factories that need to have audible signals in separate areas or multiple buildings where running additional wiring too expensive or not practical. If the locations are connected by an Ethernet network, they can be linked into the Netbell system.

The system also supports complicated schedules where alerts need to change at different times for different days. Netbell’s management software supports up to 500 web-based events.

Netbell sells both bell controllers, which can be used to upgrade the existing bell systems to be a web-based systems, and all-in-one packages that include hardware and software. Pricing starts from $242 to $689 on the Linortek website. Use the coupon code SPRING10 to get  a 10 percent discount and free shipping.


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