Friday, December 18, 2015

What did she just say? Kapture has it recorded


My wife and I like to tease our adult children about the cute and funny things they said when they were little. When they deny our stories, I would love to be able to replay a recording to settle the issue.

I’ll be able to do that with our grandchildren if I’m using Kapture, a wearable audio device that records, stores and shares 60 seconds of sound. That might be a baby’s first words, a dinner toast or an uncle telling a joke.

Kapture is a wrist band with microphone that is always listening to the sounds around you. When you hear something that you want to keep, you tap the device twice and it uses Bluetooth to send the previous minute of audio to to your smartphone.

Using the Kapture app, you can edit and enhance the saved sound clip and share it with friends. Once a sound bite is recorded and saved, Kapture continues recording in an endless loop, ready to capture the next segment.

In addition to recording children and family members, Kapture could also be used in a work environment when you want to capture a boss’s instructions in their own words or the main details in a conversation.

The Kapture wristband costs $129 and comes with six different colored bands and gold or chrome grills. It works with both Android and iOS devices.

For more details, check out the video below, visit the Kapture website and follow news and updates @kaptureaudio on Twitter.


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