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VR1 goggles deliver sharp immersive video


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Millions of people are getting introduced to virtual reality video through inexpensive cardboard viewers. Google sells them for a few dollars and a few weeks ago, the New York Times gave one away with it’s Sunday edition.

The viewers are made to hold a mobile phone that plays videos shot with a special array of cameras that capture a 360-degree image. They’re great for giving you a taste of immersive video, but you’ll soon be looking for a better and sturdier device to deliver a higher level experience. The headset sold by Corxx is just that kind of device.

The Corxx VR1 Virtual Reality Glasses are made with solid plastic and include cushioned goggles and an elastic strap that fits comfortably around any human head. With the cardboard viewers, you have to hold the viewer in place throughout the video or 3D game. With the VR glasses, your hands remain unencumbered.

The headset holds any phone with a screen between 4 and 6 inches, including the iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6S. The phone slips into place behind a door with a magnetic latch. A pair of convex lenses give you a full view of the video display and pair of knobs lets you adjust the focus to suit your specific vision.

I installed the NYTVR app to watch some of the immersive videos made available by the New York Times and the experience with much better than watching with the free viewer. Other VR content is available on YouTube and with games available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

The VR1 headset is available from Corxx for $53.99.


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  1. It is a good opportunity for me and I've a Corxx VR1 from Google few days ago. It is a higher level experience for me like this I've taken some 360 degree image that is look attractive. I thinks in future the virtual reality video will give us more enjoyable moment.



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