Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New app has travel tips and checklists


Before I leave to attend the big consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas in January, I guarantee you my wife will remind me of the time I forgot to pack my laptop and the other time when I failed to pack fresh underwear.

This year I think I’ll start my travel plans with a new iOS app called Travel Like A Flight Attendant.

The primary feature of the app is a checklist that you can fill out as you make your travel plans and then consult when it’s time to fill a suitcase and travel bag. You can add items like a phone charger, headphones and your daily medication.

You also get tips, like email yourself 5 contact phone numbers, so you can have access from any computer. That could be handy if you lose your mobile phone. It also suggests making paper copies of your passport and driver’s license and leaving a note in your hotel room that lists your next destination.

Unlike many travel items, Travel Like A Flight Attendant  is free. It’s available to download in the Apple iTunes App Store.


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