Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Here's how to password lock individual apps


I once found a mobile phone in the grass next to a street in my neighborhood. Fortunately, it wasn’t locked with a password, so I called the last number on the recent call list who turned out to be the owner’s father an owner and phone were soon reunited.

While poking around the lost phone, I could have also explored the photo gallery, text messages, banking app and other personal content. I didn’t, but there are other people who would.

Security for most mobile phones is a simple choice between locked and unlocked. But now a company called Appsverse has created a new Android app that lets you protect specific apps from prying eyes.

With Photon App Lock, users can create individual keys for specific mobile applications. For example, you might let your mom view your contact list but not your Tinder profile. You can let the kids play your games, but stay out of everything else.

Photon App Lock lets you set a password PIN or pattern password  for individual apps or lock everything on your phone. Appsverse says the phone owner will still have easy access, even if they choose the full lock option.

For more details, check out the Appsverse website and the app at the Google Play Store.


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