Sunday, October 11, 2015

Slide turns math into a multiplayer game


Math was never my strong point in school, but I know I would have performed much better if Slide was around to help. Slide is a new math-based puzzle game that trains your brain to make quick calculations.

The game has a series of boards, each displaying numbers and operations - multiplication, addition and subtraction. To score points, players drag the numbers to match a specified target. For example, if the target result is 17, you would slide number buttons into line to make 5 x 3 + 2.

To add a little more pressure, Slide is played as an online multiplayer competition that rewards both speed and accuracy.

The game tracks your progress and your ranking with detailed statistics. It works for younger players who can benefit from math drills and older folks who just want to sharpen their analytic skills.

The game is a free download for Android devices in the Google Play Store. A paid version eliminates ads and lets you play offline. Fractal Games, the developers, say an iOS version is in the works.


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