Saturday, October 31, 2015

HomaVo offers eBay order management


A couple of years ago I helped a friend raise some cash by selling some of his stuff on eBay. I’m no eBay neophyte, but this time the volume of items I had to deal with and the shipping issues made the job much more difficult than I had expected.

I could have used HomaVo. It’s a new online service designed to help eBay sellers manage the back end of their business. For instance, while I kept track of shipments by manually entering  multiple tracking numbers, HomaVo automates that process. It remembers all of the the numbers and presents the shipping status on a dashboard that shows orders shipped, ordered delivered and any exceptions.

HomaVo will send a customized updates to buyers letting them know the current shipping status of their order. It will also automate the repetitive chore of posting feedback, something buyers appreciate.
 The program can also handle multiple eBay accounts for cases where you have more than one business or, like me, if you’re doing the work for someone else. And the HomaVo website displays well on all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.

Sellers can try the HomaVo service for free. Monthly subscriptions are scaled to match the seller’s volume. For more details, check the video below and visit the HomaVo website.


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