Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wiredup will resize ads on the fly


One of the bigger challenges facing digital publishers and advertisers is creating ads that work well with all delivery platforms. With people using computers to tablets and mobile phones, creating great ads in many sizes can be a nightmare.

A new company called Wiredup is offering a clever solution. Instead of building ads in many sizes and dimensions, the Wiredup technology will automatically render and deliver an ad that fits the available position.

Instead of dimensions, Wiredup works with ratios. Here’s how Wiredup explains its system:

“When an ad gets requested from our platform the height and width of the element requesting it gets converted into a ratio, that ratio then gets paired up with an ad in our database and pulled into the website. We monitor the aspect ratios of the elements that have requested ads on your website and if they change, we change the ad too.”

Advertisers who use the Wiredup system create and upload a couple of ads and set a budget. Publishers add a small script to their sites and get paid through a variety of methods, including PayPal and bitcoin. That’s pretty much all there is too it.

Wired is currently offering free credits to advertisers who sign up for its beta program. You can get more details and see demos at the Wiredup website.


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