Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Immortal Files makes backups while you work


We’ve all been taught to back up our computer files, but that doesn’t protect us from every consequence of our mistakes. I’ve ruined an text file, then delved into my backups only to find that the saved file was seriously out of date and contained none of my recent changes.

Immortal Files for Macs was designed for just that kind of situation. While a typical backup program might copy files every night, Immortal Files makes a copy any time a file is revised. It’s a process that gives you access to any past version of a file.

The software runs on Mac’s OS X to store multiple file versions in the cloud. The program tracks changes in files and copies only those files that were changed. Files are copied automatically, as they are revised. The copied data is encrypted for extra security and the program continues to work, even when you lose your Internet connection.

Immortal Files costs $39.95 for a single user. More details and an expanded list of advanced features are available on the Immortal Files website and you can follow @FilesBackup on Twitter.


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