Monday, August 31, 2015

Grade Tracker Pro aids serious students


If I kept any sort of record of my ongoing academic standing in college, it was no more than a hastily-scribbled note in margin of a spiral notebook. Something like: “Final essay worth 40%.”

I expect today’s Millenials are much more in tune with the metrics of their school experience. If they don’t have a customized spreadsheet on their iPad, they probably have Grade Tracker Pro on their Android.

Grade Tracker Pro is a free app that can both track and predict a college or high school student’s grades and Grade Point Average over multiple semesters.

The app lets users enter results for each grading point, such as weekly quizzes, and set up custom grading scales for each course. A mid-term test might be worth 25 percent of a semester grade in English Lit but 45 percent in Economics.

The app is free in the Google Play Store and does not interrupt your studies with advertising.


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