Monday, August 24, 2015

Design your own logo - no artistic skill required


Not long ago I helped a friend create a brand image for his new online information service. I found a talented artist who designed a very nice logo and presented an invoice for about $400.

I am much more impressed with the prices at Logo Design In Minutes. It’s a website that lets you turn out a sharp-looking logo in, as promised, just a couple of minutes.

The secret is a logo maker tool that’s built into the site. You enter the name of your business or service, then select an industry type such as Health, Food, Transportation and so on. You’ll get several pages of suggested designs to choose from.

The design tool also lets you change colors and fonts and adjust sizing to suit your situation. Once you have a look that you want to keep, you can download it in a high-resolution file for $29.95.

You can try the logo maker tool for free at the Logo Design In Minutes website.


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  2. Really great article. This is very useful to design unique own logo.
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  3. Interesting tool. The main problem of creating high quality logo is idea. You can draw it in Photoshop or similar program. I am junior web designer in web design studio and i know what i am talking about.



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