Wednesday, July 8, 2015

VoicePing adds walkie-talkie functions to smartphones


Can a mobile phone replace the walkie-talkie? The people who developed VoicePing believe their app can deliver all of the features necessary for clear and robust instant voice communication in an enterprise environment.

VoicePing works on a conventional smartphone with no accessories or modifications. For IT managers who want to test drive the technology, the VoicePing app can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. VoicePing says an iOS versions is scheduled to be released soon.

But to get the full benefits of VoicePing, the app can be paired with specialized hardware like headsets that support multiple conversations. The Smart Walkie Talkie VP-1 ads a physical button, longer battery life and louder speakers.

VoicePing charges a fixed monthly fee per user for unlimited walkie-talkie usage.

For more information, visit the VoicePing website and follow @smartwalkie on Twitter.


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