Friday, July 24, 2015

Scatter Chatter lets kids chat safely


When young children get their own mobile phone or WiFi device, they’re naturally going to want to communicate with their friends. Scatter Chatter is an Android app that allows kids to communicate within their own circle of friends.

Unlike other texting apps, Scatter Chatter does not allow just anyone to become an online friend. To add a friend, users scan a special code that appears on a friend’s phone screen.

That eliminates spam and unwanted friendship requests from strangers. And the invite code can only be used once - it can’t be shared or passed around.

Once users create their personal network, they can swap text messages, photos and videos. Scatter Chatter also has a doodle option that lets users create and send sketches and drawings.

Scatter Chatter is free to download in the Google Play Store and you can follow @TeamScatter on Twitter.


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