Sunday, July 26, 2015

iMapBuilder does custom maps in HTML5


The My Maps version of Google Maps lets businesses and individuals create and share custom maps. But the resulting maps all look pretty much alike and the the customization options are limited.

Scientists, researchers, business analysts and anyone else who needs to illustrate data in a map format needs a more robust tool like iMapBuilder, which offers an impressive array of visual features. For instance, users can to place pins at specific locations, add legends, highlight areas in different colors and display data as color progressions.

The maps produced with iMapBuilder can be saved as a JPG image for use in a static display, or they can be interactive with click points and a zoom option. Maps done in HTML 5 will work on PCs, Macs and mobil devices that don’t support Flash.

The desktop software is available in four editions with different collections of base maps. They all have world continents, the US and Canada. The more advanced editions include additional base maps such as Europe, Africa, US Congressional districts and US counties. Prices start at $139 for a single-user version.

You can get more information and view a gallery of applications at the iMapBuilder website and follow @iMapBuilder on Twitter.


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