Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dlyte turns gift cards into reward cards


I get the whole idea of loyalty programs and rewards for frequent shoppers. I mean, who wouldn’t welcome getting some cash back after spending money online or in a store? What I’m not crazy about is the hassle of signing up for the programs and carrying around a pocket full of cards.

That’s where Dlyte can help. Dlyte is a website that sells gift cards that can be used at hundreds of retail stores and online shops, from Amazon and Albertson’s to Target, Starbucks and Walmart.

Why would I want to buy gift card for my own use? There are two good reasons. One, the cards generate credits that can be used to buy more gift cards. And two, they cards are electronic, so they reside on your smartphone rather than being stuffed in your wallet or billfold.

Dlyte’s program encourages people to shop only for products and services from the brands that they know and value - and ones that earn points. The site makes it’s money by promoting those brands.

There one more interesting element of Dlyte’s program: Users can direct their cash earnings to help a selected charity. Dlyte works with the Special Olympics, Wounded Warrior Project, Feed the Children, the ASPCA and other organizations.

You can browse the list of available gift cards at the Dlyte website and get a closer look at the program in the video below.


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  1. Thanks you Ric! As a specialist of payment cards tell me please what POS system is better for using reward cards? I live in Florida and I find this service
    What can you tell me about it?



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