Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DayCareApp keeps parents informed


With your child in day care, one of the biggest parent challenges is staying on top of how your child is doing - and what he or she is doing - in the day care environment. 

DayCareApp is a simple, mobile and easy to use reporting tool for use by child care centers. The web and iOS app is designed to be used by both educators and parents. The app can eliminate paperwork distractions and improve collaboration between parents and educators. 

The app allows educators to log everything about each child and also plan activities efficiently. With the DayCareApp, the days of sending home a handwritten announcement in the child's extra clothes bag are over. And educators won't worry that one child will miss the field trip announcement. 

The app costs $1 per child per week. More information and a 90-day free trial is available at the DayCareApp website and on Facebook.


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