Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Instrotech aids appliance testing


The British may not be smarter than Americans, but they might be safer. Government regulations in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia require that electrical appliances are regularly examined to insure that they are safe.

The equipment to perform those Portable Appliances Tests (PAT) is available from a variety of sources such as Instrotech Ltd., an online vendor that stocks and sells a wide range of electrical and environmental test equipment.

The store sells testing gear made by manufacturers such as Fluke, FLIR, Martindale, Megger and Seaward that cover work in the electrical, gas, environmental, mechanical  and thermal areas. Is a microwave oven leaking radiation? Instrotech has testing gear that can find out.

In addition to offering testing equipment, Instrotech is a good source of information for technicians who perform the PATs. The News section of the website contains articles and papers on test procedures and regulations and comparisons of different equipment brands. One article examines a free app for iOS and Android devices that will record PAT test results, scan barcodes, capture appliance images and print labels.

To see more of what the company has to offer, visit the Instrotech website.


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