Monday, June 1, 2015

Igloophone mounts your handheld just about anywhere


When I’m kicking back on the sofa, ready to catch up on Facebook posts and Youtube videos, there’s just one problem:  what to do with my phone? Holding it in my hand can get very tiresome, especially if the video runs for several minutes.

The Igloophone has a solution. It’s an igloo-shaped stand that slips onto a bended knee to hold the phone steady at a comfortable viewing level.

It can also be used on any flat surface, like a table, desk or airline seat tray. The holder can also be mounted on a car’s dashboard for navigation (if you’re the driver) or movie watching (if you’re a passenger.

The Igloophone folds in half, making it easy to travel. It works with any mobile phone and it costs much less than fancy phone cases with pop-out legs. The Igloo phone costs $20 at where you’ll find options that can reduce the price to just $10.


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