Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Disk Drill finds deleted files for Windows and Macs


Sometimes the files you delete stick around for a while in your desktop trash bin and sometimes they are, you know, deleted, gone, kaput, never to be seen again.

Well, maybe not never. I wouldn’t give up the search until after I tried Disk Drill.

The file-recovery utility from 508 Software earned its reputation digging for deleted files on Mac hard drives and other devices including external hard drives, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, Kindles, and memory cards.

The program scans storage locations ad displays a list of files that can potentially be recovered. It will also rebuild damaged partitions and deploy the Recovery Vault, which tracks deleted files and remembers file names and data locations.

Disk Drill is now available in a program that works the same margin on Windows computers, including those running Windows XP or later versions. Visit the Disk Drill website and it will direct you to Disk Drill for Macs or Disk Drill for Windows.

Disk Drill PRO for Mac OSX costs $89, the Windows version is free.


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