Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CellBreaker knows how to break free from carrier contracts


A woman I talked to last week complained about being being held prisoner by her mobile phone service. She needed to reduce her expenses and wanted to move to a cheaper carrier.

But there was a problem: she had more than 12 months left before her current contract was up and she didn’t want to risk being charged a stiff early termination fee.

CellBreaker understands that frustration. The web-based service helps consumers break those two-year service contracts and switch carriers without paying the fee.

CellBreaker picks the lock by finding breaches in a consumer's cell phone contract that lets them make an early exit.

Company CEO Jon Colgan said most consumers overspend on their cell services “either because they don’t know what they’re actually getting or they feel powerless” to make a change.

CellBreaker, which plans to launch its service on June 11, will monitor the contracts used by 14 cell carriers as part of its break and switch service. More details are available on the CellBreaker website and on Twitter @cellbrkr.


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