Thursday, May 28, 2015

New service lets shoppers rate online sellers


When I shop for goods at Amazon or Best Buy, I usually check the posted reviews and ratings. But I often wonder how reliable they are. I’ve heard of services that can churn out ratings and reviews for vendors who pay for the service.

The developers of a new service called U Give Stars believe they have found a system that will produce honest ratings for eCommerce websites.

Shoppers can install the U Give Stars program as an extension to their browser. After a purchase or other interaction with an online store, the user can assign a rating to a vendor.

The system runs independently of the stores, so store owners have no influence over the ratings. And, ideally, a scam seller will be unmasked after one or two bogus sales. The site was created by Lev Tsimbler, who says he has been a victim of scam sales and that's what prompted him to come up with his rating system.

You can get more information about the concept on the U Give Stars website in the FAQ and About Us sections.


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