Friday, May 8, 2015

InboxParser pulls data from emails or websites


Many of my friends who drive for Uber or Lyft use a service called Sherpashare to track their payments, mileage and other data. When the rideshare company send them a daily or weekly report, they forward the email to Sherpashare, which automatically extracts the key data and adds it to their personal dashboard.

How does Sherpashare extract the data? It uses parsing code like the feature offered by InboxParser. The service lets users designate the information they want to capture from emails or from webhook messages generated by the other websites.  

Once the data is captured, InboxParser can launch an action, such as sending a tweet or an email or it can download the data in CSV format to integrate with a database. The users can set up rules to automatically filter incoming email messages or recognize email messages that you want to process.

InboxParser can be configured to work with an email account or as an API notofication from another application.

The service is available on a subscription basis with subscriptions starting at $9 a month. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial before making a commitment. Get more details at the InboxParser website and @inboxparser on Twitter.


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