Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cherubs might be angels for your ears


If you are still searching for the perfect ear buds, some angels would like to whisper in your ear. They’re called Cherubs and they’re made with space-age materials in a quest for the best combination of style,, fit and sound.

Cherubs are made with a Zr02 ceramic casing with silicone ear inserts. The creators say the design produces buds that stay comfortable in your ears for longer periods of time - like a long flight - without causing pain or discomfort.

The ceramic material is used in the aerospace and medical industries because it’s durable and highly scratch resistant. It has properties that act as a natural noise isolator while the silicone molds to your ear to block out external sound.

The Australian developers who created the Cherubs are currently raising production capital with a campaign on Indiegogo. The group hopes to raise $30,000 US over the next month. Early contributors who pledge $40 will get a pair from the first batch, expected to be available in late October of 2015.

For more details, visit the Cherubs website and check out the news feed @Angels4UrEars on Twitter.


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