Friday, May 1, 2015

Can't use Google Play? Check out AndroidPot


A friend who picked up a cheap Android tablet for his son thought he had scored a real bargain. The tablet came with a collection of games and it could do email and the web. But he changed his mind when he discovered that the tablet’s version of Android couldn’t log into the Google Play Store where the best and latest apps and games reside.

All Androids, it seems, are not created equal.

Fortunately, Play isn’t the only place to play. AndroidPot is an Android apps market that makes many games and apps accessible to Android devices that don’t have access to Google’s official store.

Apps posted at AndroidPot are APK files. They are the same free apps found at Google Play and other app sources but instead of downloading and installing on their own, they need are installed using a program like Android Injector that runs on a desktop computer.

CNet’s review of Android Injector said the program “fills the gap by allowing you to download apps on your computer and port them to your smartphone. It gives you access to third-party apps you won't find in the Play store without having to root your phone.”

AndroidPot's collection of games, utilities and other apps are indexed by categories at the its website.


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  1. Great post great app review .

  2. Now the Pot.Net site move to new server with new name. Needs to update.



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