Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's the best drone for GoPro video?


Yesterday NASA released video footage shot by two astronauts who brought along GoPro cameras when they made some repairs on the International Space Station. The beautiful images show what that remarkable camera is capable of when it gets some serious elevation.

Getting your GoPro into space is probably not going to happen but mounting it on a drone is well within reach.

"With the use of the high quality GoPro cameras, it’s possible to take incredible aerial videography and photography with a quality quadcopter," says Jesse Young, who writes the Drone Guru blog.

Jesse has tested and profiled many unmanned flying vehicles and he's picked four that are especially well-suited to GoPro photography.

A special page on the Drone Guru blog lists the features of the 3DR IRIS, Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, DJI Phantom 2 Blade and 350 QX3 RTF. Each profile also has YouTube videos of footage taken with GoPro cameras mounted on those vehicles.


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  1. Liked your post and gadgets as well. As it is high time to celebrate drone-flying adventure in the sky, i have made a choice with the first one of these top 3 choices http://www.completelydrones.com/top-3-best-drones-for-gopro-camera-in-2015

  2. Definitely a good little overview. Its interesting the new drones out there like the 3DR Solo. We did a comparison of it vs. the Phantom 3 here: http://www.readyquadcopters.com/blog/dji-phantom-3-vs-3dr-solo-drone/

  3. Thank you for this post. It’s simple, the Phantom is a filming drone, and as such, it provides longer air time, really impressive than most of the drones available on the market.  The Phantom’s flying time is 20-25 minutes, depending on the surrounding conditions. See more http://mydronelab.com/reviews/dji-phantom-2.html



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