Monday, April 27, 2015

JoinGrid spots you and your friends


Even with the help of mobile phones, Twitter and text messaging, hooking up with your friends on a busy evening still requires a juggling a lot of information. Those calls and texts usually boil down to one question: “I’m at (fill in the blank). Where are you?” And the answers run something like this: “At the bar,” “On the freeway,” “In an Uber,” or “Standing on the sidewalk waiting for you.”

 Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a live map that showed the location of everyone in your crew? That’s the idea behind a new Android app called JoinGrid.

Users start by creating a grid on the app or at the JoinGrid website.The grid might be an area around a park, a sports venue or a favorite nightlife neighborhood. Once you create a grid, send notifications to your friends. They immediately appear on the grid when they open the link, if they have GPS activated on their phones. If they don’t have the app, they can use JoinGrid’s web link.

The developers of JoinGrid were thinking about getting together for drinks or food, but the system can be used in other situations. Finding friends at a big festival or sports event, for example. Or moms can alert their friends when they’re taking the kids to the playground. You can probably think sort other uses.

You can download the  Android app for free at the Google Play Store, get more info at JoinGrid website and follow JoinGrid on Twitter @joingridapp.


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