Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Warfarin users manage meds and diet with INRTracker


It was some years ago while my wife's mother was living near us that she had a medical emergency related to her medication. She was taking Coumadin, a blood thinner that involved constantly changing dosages and required close monitoring of her diet.

And that was the root of my mother-in-law's problem - too much information to juggle.

Today, people needing a blood thinner are more likely to be taking Warfarin, a generic version of Coumadin. But they still face the challenges of tracking and managing their drug intake and their diet, especially vitamin K, which interacts with the drug.

INRTracker is a free web-based app designed to help Warfarin patients manage their diet and health and produce simple reports that they can share with their doctor. The program was written by company co-founder Pavan Katepalli whose initial goal was to help his girlfriend manage her Warfarin therapy.

The program lets users easily track their daily activities including medication, food, weight, exercise, temperature and the weekly blood tests called INRs. Users log their daily food and beverages using a government food database and track precisely how much vitamin K they consume.

INRTracker also lets users save their favorite recipes along with their nutritional content. The program creates charts that show the results of the blood tests and a medication graph that notes Warfarin dosages and the dates they were taken or missed.

Users can register for free at the INRTracker website which also has articles about blood pressure and a Warfarin Diet Guide. There's also more details in the video below and on Twitter @inrtracker.


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