Wednesday, March 25, 2015

VoIPLy moves advanced phone services to the cloud


I remember when Internet pioneer Vint Cerf caused a stir in 1992 by appearing at a tech conference wearing a t-shirt that said "IP On Everything."

That clever play on words was his way of telling the world that the Internet Protocol was capable of far more than moving email and hosting discussion groups.

Of course, he was right. Just consider, for example, how voice over IP has almost replaced conventional consumer telephone service and it's rapidly taking over the market for high-end business-based services.

VoIPLy is a good example of a company that can replace the wiring closets that were common in many offices by offering the same services in the cloud.

The company sells advanced desk consoles that have dozens of calling features. Their menu includes a "virtual receptionist, dynamic Caller ID and voicemail to email. They will also do conference calling, call monitoring, hosted fax and integrate with a company's customer management system.

And their services start at $14.95 a month for cloud PBX, a local number and 250 minutes per month. There's a lot more at the VoIPLy website.


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