Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OnCheckin eases coding revisions


I love programmers, even though they never seem to get things right the first time. Every online coding project I've been involved with needed a series of fixes and tweaks before it was ready for prime time.

I guess that's why we have alpha and beta versions.

OnCheckin is a service that aims to make that fix-and-reload cycle shorter, more efficient and less expensive. It does that by providing developers a cloud-based environment for continuous build and deployment for their websites.

OnCheckin is linked to the developer's source control platform. It supports popular providers such as SVN, Git and Team Foundation Server. When a developer check's in to their source code  (hence the name), OnCheckin securely downloads and deploys any changes. Coders spend their time coding, not managing a build server.

OnCheckin offers prices that start and 0 dollars for one website. See full the story at the OnCheckin website and follow the company @oncheckinapp on Twitter.


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