Friday, March 6, 2015

Nektony's utility finds Mac file dupes


Spring is traditionally the time to clean out the dreck that you accumulated over the winter and get your life organized.

And that must be prime time at Nektony, where they specialize in cleanup utilities for Mac. Their Disk Expert scans and cleans hard drives while ClearDisk organizes your Mac startup disk.

Nektony's latest product is Duplicates Expert, a utility that finds files and folders that are duplicates or similar to one another, giving you the opportunity to weed out what you don't need.

After launch, the program presents a window when you can drop the folders or drives that you want to scan. The program works with both internal and external storage drives. The scan looks at documents, pictures, movies, music, archives and other file types.

It then presents a graph that identifies dupes and "almost-duplicate" files. You can sort files by name, date, number, size, age and total size, making it easy to decide which ones to keep and which need to go.

Mac users can download a free trial version of Duplicates Expert from the Nektony website or buy it for $1.99 in the Apple Mac App Store. Check out the demo in the video below.


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