Saturday, March 28, 2015

LyfeLens to deliver in-car tracking and monitoring


Because I drive a lot for my work, I've been thinking about installing a dashboard camera. But now I may wait until I can get the LyfeLens, which looks it will deliver a lot more than video from my windshield.

LyfeLens links your car to your smartphone to track everything that's going on inside and outside the car. It has two cameras, one facing forward and the other watching the car's interior.

With the full LyfeLens setup, the device will record and store images and data, such as speed and location. It will transmit a live video feed to an iOS or Android device that has the LyfeLens app is installed.

Other features include a Wi-Fi hotspot that your passengers can share and push alerts that will tell you if your car is speeding, if it's bumped or scratched or being broken into.

LyfeLens will cost $299 when it's released later this year. Customers who pre-order on the LyfeLens website get a $100 discount. A monthly subscription will be required to get some of the advanced features such as the Wi-Fi hotspot and cloud storage.


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