Thursday, March 5, 2015

Clinch helps companies build their recruiting brand


If you've combed the Internet looking for a job, you're probably sick of looking at sterile, boring web pages. They might convey a few facts about a company, but you seldom come away with an understanding of what drives the people who run the place or what life would be like if you worked there.

What if you came across a company that showed you the personality and attitude of the team you would be joining? Wouldn't that make you want to click the "Apply" button?

It's that kind of company branding that Clinch creates for companies of all sizes in any industry. Clinch was created last year in Dublin, Ireland. It offers a talent acquisition platform based on the belief that the earlier you start the process of attracting and engaging potential candidates, the easier, faster, and cheaper recruiting becomes.

The platform lats companies build an employer brand by publishing mobile-ready career pages that present engaging photos, team information and bios with quotes that explain what it's really like to be part of their team. Clinch tools help users edit photos, write copy and build a multi-channel recruiting network using job boards, the company website and social media channels.

To get the full story on Clinch, visit the Clinch website, check out the company profile on LinkedIn and follow their content stream @clinch on Twitter.


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