Monday, March 23, 2015

Bingo Blitz puts a classic game on phones and tablets


You might not think Bingo would be a great topic for an arcade game, but the people behind Bingo Blitz have done a pretty good job of adding arcade elements to one of the most enduring multi-player games.

Bingo, of course, is not a game for loners. Part of the appeal is the community nature of Bingo events in any sort of group environment. Bingo Blitz recreates that element online by connecting players around the world through the game and an in-game chat feature.

The Facebook and Android game lets you play up to four cards at one time on a phone or tablet. As random number balls appear in the upper portion of the screen, you mark matches on your cards. When you get a full card, you win the match.

Bingo Blitz also has power-ups. Some numbers on your cards hold extra prizes and you can get extra points by filling certain lines.

CasinoApp gave the game one of its highest rating, calling it "a real winner" and noting that it's getting particularly popular in Australia.

Check the video below to see Bingo Blitz in action. You can read player reviews and download the game for free at the Google Play Store.


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