Friday, February 13, 2015

Neit case protects iPhones and IDs


In their younger days, my daughter and her friends would hit their favorite bars on Saturday nights. All too often, one of them would discover on Sunday that they left their ID or credit card at one of their stops.

That would not have been a problem if they had put their iPhones in a Néit CardCase. It's a uniquely-designed case that protects the phone while also keeping important documents safe and close at hand.

The Néit CardCase for the iPhone 5 was launched last year in London and it's now been joined by a version for the iPhone 6. The case is made in two parts with hard rubberized inner shell that protects the phone and a softer outer shell that has a more grippy surface.

The back side of th case has a slot that can store two cards, a driver's license and a credit card, for example, or maybe a Starbuck's card - whatever you want to be easily accessible.

The Néit CardCase is for sale on the Néit website for 15 pounds - that's about $23 US - and you can check in with Néit @neitcase on Twitter.


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