Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Convask offers affordable project planning


In the early 1990s, I organized the creation and launch of major newspaper's first website. The project required the involvement of several internal executives and departments, some third-party vendors and people at he company's national headquarters. At that time, the company had no project-management software, so our primary communication vehicle consisted of email memos and updates.

Today, there are plenty of enterprise and online tools that managers can deploy to manage projects both large and small. A new player that's getting a lot of scrutiny is a platform called Convask that was developed by Intelliber Inc.

According to Convask's website, the platform was created to help an organization manage "conversations, tasks, activities, projects, planning and tracking" and eliminate the need for frequent email updates.

Intelliber CEO Jyoti Ranjan says Convask can be especially helpful in supervising remote employees. With people working at home or in different time zones, direct communication and keeping project work on track can be especially challenging.

Convask can be used with simple cloud-based storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive and it will scheduling with Instagantt, a web application that lets managers create project timelines and charts. Convask is also budget-friendly. A company with 35 employees or less can use the software for free. Larger groups will pay $8 per user per month.

For a closer look at Convask, check out the video below, visit the Convask website and follow news about the product on Twitter.


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