Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zimly scores with mobile streaming


The ability to stream media on mobile devices has been available for a couple of years, but most of the solutions have been imperfect, or worse. Some require a separate media player, some only work on one or two platforms and others don't support all the file formats that they should.

Zimly hits all of those high notes and a few more. Zimly create your own personal media cloud on your home computer, whether it's a a PC or a Mac, and it offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android. It also works with Google's Chromecast.

Zimly's long list of features include a combined media player, for movie or music files stored on your device, and a streaming media player to handle external sources. The software is easy to configure, with a simple nine-digit PIN, and it automatically converts all of the popular file formats, from AVI and MKV to MP4 and MOV.

Check out the Zimly website for more details on all of the products, including the Zimly streamers for Windows and OSX. You can down the iOS version in the Apple iTunes Store and the Android version in the Google Play Store. You can also find Zimly on Twitter


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