Sunday, December 14, 2014

Upgraded Disk Cleaner utility finds even more Mac junk


If you're a Mac user who likes to keep their hard drive clean and free of digital dreck, you probably know about Disk Cleaner. Maybe you read my report last month about this affordable Mac utility.

Power App's Disk Cleaner inspects a Mac hard drive or solid-state drive and finds that stuff that you don't need, like cache files, downloads, application logs and other leftovers.

After performing a scan, the program delivers a report showing what could and probably should be deleted. You can say yes and get a full clean-up or pick an choose what you want to keep and what to discard.

Power App recently upgraded the program to target more types of useless stuff. The latest version now examines your iTunes collection and more dark corners of your iOS operating system. It also finds and offers to delete old backup files from your iPhone.

You can read more about Disk Cleaner on Power App's website or buy a copy for $2.99 at the Apple iTunes Store.


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