Sunday, December 28, 2014

iCalc Math handles complex math on an iPhone


I'm old enough to remember when special tools were needed to perform sophisticated mathematical calculations. A few brainy kids in high school mastered the slide rule. When my daughter was in high school, I had to spend $80 to get her a fancy calculator.

Today you can perform just about any calculation you need at home or work on an iPhone with a free app called iCalc Math.

The program can handle square root, logarithmic and factorial functions along with trigonometric functions. It will convert values of for common measurements such length, area and volume.

For statistics analysts, iCalc Math will compute median, standard deviation and generate random numbers. Programmers can convert values to or from binary, decimal or hexadecimal formats. And the app has a graphing feature - just like that $80 calculator.

You can find iCalc Math in the iTunes App Store.


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