Thursday, December 11, 2014

EVA app will keep you clear of emergency vehicles


Not long ago, I was making a left turn at a busy downtown intersection when a police car and an ambulance suddenly appeared in the cross street to my right. I quickly hit the brakes as they flew past just a couple of feet from my front bumper.

Yes, they has their warning light and sirens on. But with my windows up, the radio on and two lanes of cars and trucks to my right, I didn't see or hear them until it was almost too late.

That's the sort of situation that gave birth to an app called EVA, short for Emergency Vehicle Alert. Billed as a digital safety net for drivers, EVA transmits notifications that alert drivers when an emergency vehicle is near, giving motorists an extra measure of warning and time to pull over.

With EVA, I might have known when the police and rescue vehicles were a block away, not when they were entering the street in front of me. EVA also uses GPS technology to plot a fast and safe route, steering them clear of emergency responders.

Atlanta-based DataView, which developed EVA, has launched a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $300,000 to fund production of EVA. Apps for iPhone and Android devices are expected to be available in February.


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