Thursday, January 1, 2015

DesignApp is a quick and easy logo maker


Do you think this would work for a new logo? I thought it turned out pretty good for something I knocked it out in less than ten minutes without touching PhotoShop.

I made it using DesignApp, a web application that lets non-designers create custom logos, icons and other graphic designs using simple drag-and-drop tools. And those are just the sort of tools this non-designer needed to become a logo maker.

DesignApp presents a grid-lined workspace and a collection of icons and images that can be positioned and resized. You also get a collection of icons and shapes plus a varied and extensive set of fonts. I was drawn to a font called Knewave, but decided to go with Gravitas One hoping it might make me appear more serious.

Even better are the dozens of finished logos that you can grab and customized. I didn't draw those puzzle pieces, I appropriated them from a life insurance company's logo.

DesignApp is also available as a mobile app for iOS devices and Androids. You can find it in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. If you want  to try your hand at logo design, skip the PhotoShop how-to books and check out DesignApp first. 


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